About us

More about Christine:


I am the second oldest out of six and have always wanted to be a mom.  I am a paralegal for a criminal defense attorney but look forward to being a stay at home mom when we are blessed with a child.  


I am creative and enjoy crocheting blankets during the cooler months.  I also enjoy cooking and baking.  We are planning to start a vegetable garden in the spring.


More about Dan:


I am the oldest and have a younger sister who I am very close to.  I'm a union pipefitter and work all sorts of hours depending on the job. I've worked 12 hour days and night shifts.  


My large size may intimidate others, but I'm really just a big kid at heart.  In my free time, I enjoying spending time with Christine and our big extended family.  I also enjoy fishing and teaching our nieces and nephews how to fish. 


Fun Facts


We both enjoy watching Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet.


Dan loves fishing; Christine refuses to put a worm on the hook or take a fish off of it.


Dan's favorite sports team is The Bears while Christine love her Cubbies.


We both love dogs; we adore our two dachshunds, Lucy and Schnutz.


Dan's favorite holiday is Christmas while Christine's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.